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"B*Money got inspired to climb the risers after watching old DMC battle videos and listening to DJs on the radio. He soon found himself fighting those battles, DJing on the radio, and appearing in the same series of videos he grew up watching. Radio and battling exposed him to a wide range of audiences and helped land him gigs playing at festivals, clubs, and venues throughout the world while sharing the bill with acts including The Roots, Galactic, and Macklemore. With a heavy emphasis on constantly honing his turntablist skills, he has been recognized as a DMC USA Finalist, and is a member of the Crunk Bros, BTR, and Mean Team crews. B*Money has toured with The U.S. Department of State, The Reminders, and members of The Living Legends, Jurassic 5, and The Rock Steady Crew. Forever grateful of the knowledge bestowed upon him, Bmoney loves educating others about the culture and craft of DJing. He has conducted workshops, classes, and lectures, working with everyone from at risk youth to university students. B*money prides himself on being able to connect with a diverse group of audiences, and play for a variety of crowds. Blending musical genres from jazz, funk, soul, rock, and pop, to house and hip-hop, he has been known to rock whatever audience is in front of him appearing in venues from New York to California. He has rocked parties and events for corporate clients including the NCAA, XFINITY, The Onion, Red Bull, Sephora, and others. B*Money's skills and versatility make him appealing to any crowd, at any size venue, at any time!"


PHONE: (303) 619-6772